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Factors that affect Tattoo Removal | For Tattoo Artists & Enthusiasts | FAQ’s

Factors that affect Laser Tattoo Removal
  1. Skin Tone – many skin tones are treatable, however lighter tones tend to have a higher success rate.
  2. Ink quality / type of ink – there are countless types of inks available on the market, all of which respond differently to the laser. Professional inks used by tattoo artists usually require more treatments to remove than amateur or “street” inks.
  3. Ink Color – dark blue, black, and red tattoos generally respond faster to treatments whereas lighter colors such as white, green, light blues, and pinks require more treatments.
  4. Depth of tattoo ink the skin – how deep the tattoo ink is deposited in the skin as well as if a tattoo has been covered up by another tattoo affects the number of treatments necessary to break down the ink.
  5. Immune System – Each person’s immune system and its natural ability to absorb the ink will vary in terms of the rate at which it will break down the pigment.

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